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Miami Spice 2015 | Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant

This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Miami. Chef Adrianne Calvo is a culinary genius! She truly is the master of #MaximumFlavor. Chef Adrianne only offers a 3-course lunch for Miami Spice from Tuesday through Saturday and reservations are strongly suggested. On this day, I went with two of my dearest friends so we were able to try everything on the menu.

On the Miami Spice Menu:

Appetizers: Your choice of (1) Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic glaze, (2) a trio of succulent shrimp in a different sauce (on this day, it was a sweet chili aioli) or (3) crispy pork belly. We couldn't decide which one was the best because each is so different in its own way and they were all great!

Entrées: Your choice of (1) Surf 'n Turf (filet with shrimp) on a bed of mashed potatoes, (2) Brown Sugar Crusted Salmon on a bed of diced and roasted potatoes (my favorite!) or the Chef's Special of the Day (today it was an oven roasted chicken with a sweet potato mash and brussel sprouts). OMG!!! We all agreed that despite our individual favorites on any other given day, today's Chef's Special was insanely delicious and a surprising treat. The perfectly roasted and juicy chicken combined with the palatableness of the sweet potato and brussel sprouts was perfection on a plate!

Dessert: Chef Adrianne's renowned Nutella bread pudding. The perfect ending to the perfect feast!

Summary: Amazing!!! I will be returning several times to take advantage of what I feel is the best value of Miami Spice 2015.

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