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Foodie Tribe Chills at The Drinkhouse Fire & Ice

The Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, Miami first ice vodka bar and experimental cocktail fire lounge, is located at 1672 Collins Avenue in South Beach. Upon arriving, the small store front will deceive you because once you've entered, you'll find that the entire venue is rather large (approx. 4,200 sq. ft.). You will first be in the Fire Bar which boasts a very long bar counter with stools as well as several open and private lounging areas with tables made from selenite, a translucent crystal that encourages mental clarity. Enterpreneurs and humanitarians, Sally Drinkhouse and Nicole Pritchet conceived the idea and designed each element of the venue with spirituality in mind for the purpose of emitting positive energetic frequencies while absorbing the negative and helping you feel comfortable and at ease. The décor throughout The Drinkhouse's Fire Lounge is very trendy and full of artwork as well as photography by Peter Lik with an enticing light show constantly changing its appearance.

Inside the Ice Bar, you will find genuine stones, radiant gems and rare crystals embedded within the 100,000 lbs. of ice and ice sculptures by renowned sculpture, David Berman.

Bartender and General Manager, Chandelle Yarmey engaged us with a wonderful history lesson which was both informative and fun while she mixed up some of The Drinkhouse's most popular cocktails. We began with the Crystal Diva made with Viniq Shimmery Liqueur which was as refreshing and delicious as it was shimmery and sparkly.

Then we had the Tantratini made with Belvedere Vodka, pomegranate, cherry liqueur, fresh foam, drunken cherries and sexual effervescence. Sexy!

The God of the Rising Sun was next and this deliciousness is made with Exotico Reposado Tequila, jalapeno pomegranate, cactus juice, mandarin orange and burnt citrus. I really enjoyed this one.

Next up was the Soul Burner made with Old Forrester bourbon, pomegranate, burnt citrus and crystallized cranberry. This was very similar to an Old Fashioned but with the flair that only The Drinkhouse's bartenders can conjure up.

Last but not least before entering the Ice Bar, we had the Glacier Water made with Icelandic Vodka, curacao, citrus and pop rox. Yes, pop rox! Just like the candy. We were now ready to enter the wondorous ice cave with a toasty feeling.

Don’t worry about what you're wearing because The Drinkhouse has literally got you covered. They will provide you with plush faux fur coats, gloves and lined slippers to keep you warm before you enter the ice bar but visits are limited to 45 minutes per session for comfort and safety purposes. This is included in the entrance fee of $17 per person or $34 per person for a package that includes two drinks.

You should also know that all ingredients used at the Drinkhouse are locally sourced and on the rooftop they have their own herb garden with fresh and seasonal herbs like thyme, rosemary and mint. Also of particular impressiveness, is the fact that each month Drinkouse Fire & Ice donates a portion of their profits to a local charity and further immortalizes the organization with a customized ice sculpture. Pretty cool, huh?

After you're done chillin' at the Ice Bar, you will return to the Fire Lounge for some more libations to heat you up like the delightful Winters Kiss with Van Gough Dutch Caramel Vodka, homemade whipped cream and chocolate caviar. Think of it as a hot chocolate for adults.

What a great evening! We all had an amazing time and I think you will, too so go check them out and tell them the Foodie Tribe sent you!

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