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It's Easy to Eat Healthy When the Food Taste Good | Say Hello to Healthy Route 66

"Healthy eating is no longer boring" is the motto at Healthy Route 66 and its no lie. The eatery's mission is to become the best healthy food option in the world by proving that healthy eating does not have to be boring. It makes perfect sense because nobody gets excited about eating boiled chicken and lettuce. With this in mind, the concept of Healthy Route 66 was developed by Humberto Teran.

After having suffered a transient ischemic attack (a brief stroke like attack where a clot developed and passed through but did not block flow avoiding brain damage) plus a series of ulcers due to bad eating habits, Humberto was placed on a very strict and bland diet which translated to a very boring culinary lifestyle. After realizing that he wanted more flavor and options in his diet but also well aware of the fact that his health depended on it, Healthy Route 66 was born as an innovative and nutritional option for those who are moving towards healthy eating habits.

Through trial and error, Humberto developed some incredibly delicious and yes, healthy dishes that were approved by his physicians. Can you imagine being able to eat "fatty" foods such as hamburgers, pizzas, and fries on a strict diet? Well, you can! The menu at Healthy Route 66 is specially formulated with the right and healthy ingredients to ensure that not only are the foods low in fat, calories, and carbohydrates but also 100% tasty and delicious.

Take for instance, Health Route 66's pizza menu. The three pizza base choices are quinoa, zucchini, and cauliflower. That change from regular pizza dough cuts out what makes pizza so fattening and "unhealthy". Fresh vegetable toppings and low fat cheese round out the treat and let you enjoy it with zero guilt.

Healthy Route 66's bread-less burgers are grilled and not fried and the protein serves as the bun with delicious and fresh toppings in the center. Enjoy this burger with air fried sweet potato fries or a nice side salad and again, you are not depriving yourself of taste.

Other menu options include satisfying and tasty breakfast options such as arepas, avocado toasts, pancake, waffles, omelets, and even empanadas. Lunch options include hearty sandwiches, wraps, salads, and hot dishes including zucchini pasta, grilled chicken and fish plus all natural, no sugar added juices. Health Route 66 also offers a meal plan with delivery in case you can't visit one of the restaurants' locations in Coral Gables, Kendall and soon, Doral.

Eating healthy is in fact a lifestyle and while Humberto clearly understands that sometimes we all succumb to what is considered unhealthy choices, that’s ok and acceptable because these are rare occasions. It is all about balance and with Healthy Route 66 staying on track as a piece of guiltless cake.

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